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Cedar Planked Salmon

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Recipes | 0 comments

  • untreated (important!) cedar planks slightly larger than salmon
    pieces – can be purchased from a lumber or a cookware store
  • salmon filets
  • any of the 3 sauces
  • spray bottle filled with water

Soak the cedar plank in a sink or large container of water for 4-24 hours. You may have to place a heavy object on it to keep it submerged. About an hour before cooking, place salmon in a resealable bag; pour in enough sauce of choice to coat well. Refrigerate until cooking.

Preheat BBQ to high. Place salmon, skin side down, on plank and place plank on grill away from flame (indirect cooking method). Close lid and plank-bake for 20-30 minutes until opaque in the centre and flakes easily with a fork. Check periodically to make sure plank is not on fire; use spray bottle to extinguish any flames. Carefully remove planks from grill and transfer salmon to serving platter.